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Our Vision Statement

DJR Marketing has the vision to be the UK’s market leader in business-to-business telemarketing and lead generation solutions.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to achieve our overall vision by:

  • Understanding our client’s needs and requirements.
  • Helping clients achieve their sales targets through generating quality appointments, undertaking market research with their desired target markets and providing them with a bespoke telemarketing solution that matches their specific needs to achieve their goals.
  • Adhering to quality standards to ensure we deliver an exceptional quality service, each and every time.
  • Ensuring all our employees are proactive, fully engaged and pledge to work effectively to honour our clients. In return we offer our team flexible working hours within our core hours of trading to help them achieve a satisfactory work/life balance.
  • Recruiting our team based on their personality, determination and work ethic, rather than formal qualifications.
  • Supporting and working alongside quality local suppliers who will be treated as part of our team.
  • Supporting the local community through employing local people, using local suppliers and selecting a local charity who we help support with fundraising activities throughout the year.

Points of Culture

DJR Marketing is underpinned by a culture that forms a foundation to our company. We ask every member of our team to sign up to, and honour this.

  1. I will strive to work hard to meet, and aim to exceed agreed client targets.
  2. I will commit to being an active member of the team.
  3. I will take ownership for projects I am working on.
  4. I will be honest and truthful in all my work.
  5. I will strive to meet the company’s quality standards,
  6. I will communicate with all my colleagues and with clients.
  7. I will participate in training organised by the company and will proactively make use of the company library to improve my knowledge.
  8. I will be an active member of my team and strive to treat all colleagues with respect, regardless of their age, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Our Values

As a high-performing business-to-business telemarketing company we are underpinned by a set of values that every employee must sign up to.


  • We will strive to achieve and exceed targets agreed with clients
  • We will keep in regular contact with our clients to keep them up to date with campaigns.


  • The company commits to train our employees on an ongoing basis, respect them as individuals and to treat them as they would like to be treated.
  • The company will provide a friendly culture and a positive working environment where everyone is treated fairly and equally.