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DJR Marketing specialises in the Manufacturing & Engineering sector. Our campaigns increase sales leads and face to face appointments.

We work with a number of manufacturers in a range of industries, including:

  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Window Manufacturers and Installers (PVC-U and Aluminium)
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Fabricators
  • Roofing
  • Die Casting
  • Glass Manufacturers
  • Fixtures and Fastenings
  • Packaging Manufacturers
  • Metal Finishes
  • Stockists and Distributors
  • Tooling
  • Paper Manufacturers
  • Flooring Manufacturers and Installers
  • Pumping and Priming System Manufacturers
  • Welding

Case Studies and Testimonials

Our client is a precision engineering company, specialising in CNC turned parts and machined components.

Prior to sourcing DJR Marketing’s telemarketing services all lead generation was conducted by the Managing Director, on an ‘as and when he had time’ basis. The other business needs and tasks took priority and the business suffered from a lack of fresh new business leads.

DJR Marketing were commissioned to introduce our client to prospective new businesses.

DJR worked closely with the client to procure a data list based upon historical customer industry sectors and a specified geographical area. We also used an ‘employee size’ criteria to ensure the businesses we were targeting would be producing enough volume to warrant subcontracting their turned parts.

Upon conducting an exhaustive training session with the client, it was determined that this industry sector gathered quotations in a number of ways, but the main method would be to send a drawing or sample, coupled with specifications, for quotation purposes.

DJR then began the campaign with the aim of identifying companies that outsource their turned/machined components, or businesses unable to manufacture enough volume in house.

We would locate the relevant decision maker, confirm the specifics requirement and gain the opportunity for our client to quote. All details were gathered, the lead quality checked by DJR’s dedicated quality department, and then sent to our client to action.

The quote could be verbal (our client meeting with the prospects, or calling back to discuss the requirement in more detail), or via email with drawings sent to our client by the prospect.

Upon achieving and excelling our client’s expectations the contract was renewed. Our client could focus on managing existing clients and the daily running of the business knowing that a healthy number of new request for quotations would be generated on a weekly basis.


“We provide precision engineered turned components for a variety of industry sectors. As Managing Director I am responsible for the continued growth of the business. Prior to engaging with DJR Marketing Solutions, I would conduct sales calls myself.

DJR Marketing Solutions now conduct all sales calls on my behalf, and have become our company’s trusted marketing arm.

I now have a dedicated and successful method of bringing in quality sales leads, and this has been a big help as it has freed up my time to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

DJR Marketing are professional and conduct in depth product training to ensure all leads are qualified and this in turn gives me return on investment. DJR were so successful during the initial campaign that we renewed our agreement and now continue to work together.

I would not hesitate to recommend DJR Marketing to other manufacturing businesses looking for a proven lead generation method.”

“We are a long-established pressure die casting company, specialising in the manufacture of high quality zinc and aluminium castings for a variety of industry sectors.

We recently embarked on a successful lead generation campaign with DJR Marketing to generate request for quotations for companies with new projects, for which we can help from the initial concept through to manufacture, or existing projects where we can improve the quality, cost and delivery.

DJR undertook extensive training prior to the campaign to ensure they were able to properly represent my company whilst making the calls.

When the team had a successful outcome from the calls, each lead was then quality checked to ensure accuracy and ensure the prospect had genuine interest. This is particularly important to me for when I followed up to offer the quote.

Finally I would like to thank DJR and the team for a highly successful campaign spread across a period of 3 months in which I received a regular, manageable amount of good quality leads. I would highly recommend their services to any manufacturing/engineering companies wishing to grow their business.”

“We are a well-established and reputable manufacturer and installer of PVC-U windows, doors, and conservatories to the commercial, trade, and retail sectors. Our reputation is earned from the delivery of quality, service, and value; not the rhetoric. It is a difficult telemarketing “sell” when pitched at the trade sector that is increasingly price-driven. ­

We have contracted directly with DJR Marketing for two campaigns following an initial trial to generate appointments for our trade accounts manager.

DJR were prepared to take the time to ensure that they fully understood and then tested their understanding of the brief. They also actively sought feedback on the quality of leads generated, during the campaign, in order to improve the standard of the service delivery.

Clearly, as with all contracts based on payment for time input rather than appointment outcome, there is concern for the value of the delivery. We were pleased with the flexibility shown by DJR in agreeing evaluation criteria based on appointments actually generated with an opt-out after an agreed period. We did not need to consider the opt-out because DJR were successful in their delivery and exceeded agreed targets.

Further, the quality rather than quantity of appointments is an important consideration and depends on the leads having been properly qualified. We were satisfied that the majority of appointments met this quality test.

DJR Marketing, from our experience and evidence, is a professional company that communicates well, works closely with and for the client in a responsive manner, provides comprehensive activity records, and is both reliable and successful.

DJR have secured repeat business from us. We would be happy to engage them again in the future. That is the acid test in any business relationship.”

“We are one of the market leaders in the installation of data cabling. We have been using DJR Marketing in an 18 month campaign to increase our sales.

We have received orders worth close to £300k as a direct result of DJR’s efforts and professional approach. I would highly recommend DJR Marketing Solutions to anyone (except our competitors)!”

“We are a major PVC-U Recycling business in the UK, with national operations covering the UK, Ireland and several other European countries. We recycle over 50% of the available PVC-U waste in the British lsles and are strongly established as the market and technology leader.

The generation of new business through sales leads and appointments is critical to both our continued success and planned growth.

Working with DJR Marketing has enabled the whole sales process to be streamlined. Prospects are identified, contacted and appointments made directly by DJR, leaving our sales staff to focus directly on face-to-face visits. This has proved extremely successful and cost effective in the current economic climate.

DJR are a highly motivated and professional company and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

“We would like to thank DJR Marketing for the recent marketing campaign which you did on our behalf, the leads you generated enabled us to broaden our customer base substantially. As you know we were hoping to establish a customer base in Liverpool and Manchester and I am delighted to say that using the appointments you arranged for us, we now have two full time reps working in those areas and are already supplying over 500 outlets.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

“We manufacture and service specialist pumping and priming systems. The pumps perform particularly well when transferring viscous materials and DJR understand our unique selling points and the benefits of these to our prospects.

We have a long standing relationship with DJR Marketing and have grown to think of them as our dedicated marketing department.

The initial task given to DJR was to conduct a customer satisfaction survey. The results were very promising, helped me with my ISO 9001 audit, and concluded with a number of leads/appointments to which I could upsell or cross sell.

Further to this DJR conducted follow up calls to prospects met at a dedicated food exhibition, and also contacted targeted data all in the aim of promoting our pumps and generating leads/appointments.

As an ongoing project DJR combine their telemarketing skills with digital marketing such as email shots, social media and provide the business with a consistent flow of qualified new sales leads.

I would recommend DJR Marketing to any business looking to increase profitability and growth.”

“As a window manufacturer, our industry is becoming increasingly competitive, with more people fighting for less business. This means that quality sales leads are essential. As a company we have had mixed experiences with telemarketing agencies.

However we started a trial telemarketing campaign with DJR Marketing, and we were so pleased with the results that we have now committed to a 12 week campaign, likely to be extended to run further into the year.

We have used several telemarketing companies in the past and the quality of the leads from DJR Marketing is the best we have had. Salesmen are very hard to please but we seem to have managed it this time!”

“We are a high-quality volume powder coating company that has been looking to develop & grow its business into new market sectors.

We tried prior with an unaffiliated marketing company, but reaped little success, with limited leads and no industry sector growth identified. Given the need for business development we repeated the same exercise again but this time with DJR Marketing. The results were very different and encouraging.

With regards to our telemarketing campaign with DJR Marketing, we received numerous leads from which we have identified potential growth areas. We are now assessing the development of our production facilities to meet these new opportunities, meanwhile we have started a second project with DJR Marketing to help us target specific potential customers and are hopeful that this too will yield the same results.

In summary we have no doubts in recommending Daniel and his team to any business wishing to carry out this type of exercise as they are professional, proficient and achieve results.”