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DJR Marketing is one of the UK’s leading telemarketing companies, working closely with public sector organisations to help them achieve their business engagement targets.

We work directly on a wide range of public sector campaigns, including:

  • University KTP schemes (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships)
  • Inward Investment Development
  • Black Country Growth Hub
  • Event Promotions funded by ERDF
  • Project Evaluation Surveys
  • Social Community Developments

Case Studies and Testimonials

DJR Marketing have worked directly with many public sector bodies wishing to utilise our expertise for various business engagement projects.

DJR completed a successful campaign for a District Council Inward Investment Team. In total DJR completed 3 projects.

Initially DJR completed a Project Evaluation which was used for an internal audit, and to improve staff training and overall customer experience.

Using the client’s internal contact database of enquiries made to the property team, DJR made a minimum of 4 attempts to reach the prospects via telephone. Using a framework of questions created by the client and DJR, the aim was to create an impartial, unbiased picture of the experience had by those who had made a property search.

This would have been very difficult to conduct in house due to the nature of the project and also how time consuming it can be.

The second project DJR were commissioned to complete was to help the Inward Investment Team generate new business engagement leads. The aim was to introduce the property finding services to businesses that could potentially move into the area, generating and safeguarding jobs.

DJR sourced a database of businesses to contact and throughout the campaign the data was cleansed and decision maker’s names, job titles, and emails gathered for internal marketing activities.

The client also engaged DJR to promote the Inward Investment team to delegates and fellow exhibitors at a dedicated property event. DJR contacted the businesses and arranged time slots for interested parties to find out more about the council’s business services. DJR also conducted the follow up calls from this event.

The client was extremely satisfied with the results of all projects. The initial contract was extended based upon the success of the new business engagements introduced to the team.


“We wanted to promote the area via a telemarketing campaign to businesses which are currently located within the surrounding areas and may be interested in relocating within this area. The aim of the project was to generate leads and enquiries of business that:

  • Would consider relocating to the area
  • Companies that may be sourcing new business premises
  • Companies expanding that require additional business premises

An additional aim of this project was to add to our database of decision maker’s names and email address that would be willing to receive our information via email and/or post in future.

DJR Marketing conducted a training session with us to understand what we had to offer and we were very impressed with their communication and structured training plan.

The initial project was a three month campaign, which we were happy to extend for a further three months. DJR were able to work towards our restricted timescales. During this time I can say that DJR have understood and met our requirements and the training session proved very successful.

They are a professional and reliable team and I would not hesitate to recommend them for future telemarketing/lead generation work.”

“DJR undertook telephone interviews with all enquirers (companies and affiliates) who had undertaken a property search in order to establish the current status of the enquiry. Due to the funding available, we decided to conduct a telephone survey rather than an email survey in order to gain as many responses as possible for a detailed evaluation.

The project evaluation was conducted to understand how successful the property finding service had been with regards finding properties and safeguarding/creating jobs. A further aim was to identify customers that still have a requirement for property or any new requirements for property within the area.

DJR Marketing’s knowledge and support proved invaluable and highly cost effective in establishing a thorough report. The report consisted of:

  • A breakdown of each company’s response
  • Overall response analysis represented in easy to read graphical and tabular formats
  • Final summary

DJR Marketing’s management team were quick to understand the brief necessary to carry out the detailed work and our thanks go to DJR Marketing for their continued support.

I would recommend DJR Marketing to carry out a telephone project evaluation for any ERDF/ESF/RGF funded projects.”

“We would like to thank you and your team for the recent marketing strategies which you carried out on our client’s behalf, the projects you have carried out enabled our clients to further understand its existing markets and opportunities which could lead to the goal of greater diversification of its products and expertise.

The clients have welcomed your professional attitude and fresh ideas for strategies and planning that you have developed to meet the company’s requirements of seeking diversification into new and existing markets with their products and expertise.”

“The University commissioned DJR Marketing to increase their business engagements and promote our latest project.

The project is designed to provide solutions to a specific business need, allowing businesses or other qualifying organisations to work alongside a graduate, whilst being supported by University experts across a range of sectors.

Due to the nature of the project it was essential that DJR Marketing understood the qualification criteria and the team were supportive from the beginning of the campaign. They helped us to source the correct data, through to the appointments being placed into our advisors’ diary by DJR Marketing’s Client Relationship Manager.

DJR Marketing have a tried-and-tested method of engaging with targeted businesses, and represent the University in a professional and proficient manner. Following the first campaign we found this to be an unrivalled, cost-effective method and the results have enabled us to appoint DJR Marketing for a second campaign.

We would highly recommend DJR Marketing’s services for any public body wishing to expand their presence within the business community. “

“Our project supported UK businesses in improving their competitiveness, productivity and performance by accessing the wealth of academic knowledge, resources and expertise available within our University.

This involved the formation of a partnership between a business and the University. The partnership also included one or more qualified graduates to enable the exchange of knowledge under the supervision of the business and our University’s academics.

We worked directly with DJR Marketing to conduct targeted business engagements. DJR Marketing conducted a training session with myself and my academic colleagues to understand the project specification. This proved invaluable to the success of the campaign.

We were very impressed with the quality of the appointments and DJR Marketing’s overall customer service. The University has now significantly increased its working relationship with regionally-based companies.

We have recently completed a renewed second lead-generation project and look forward to working with them in the future. The University would have no hesitation in recommending DJR Marketing.”

“DJR Marketing has worked in partnership with the University to provide targeted appointments across specific industry sectors and geographical areas.

This has proved so successful that we have conducted three campaigns, DJR Marketing’s staff training, knowledge and experience with Univerity business engagement projects has proved to be key in the success of the campaigns. The support of the Operations Manager and the team has been invaluable and highly cost effective in establishing new relations with local SME’s.

Furthermore we found that DJR Marketing undertook all of the ‘back office’ work to make the appointments unlike some other agencies. This was vital for us.

The service provided by DJR has been very professional and of a high standard, and I have already recommended DJR to contacts who have found the work they’ve done invaluable too.”

“The University runs a business improvement programme aimed at company profitability and job creation which links SME’s with academic expertise harnessing the skills of a newly-qualified graduate. The programme is being led by the University in partnership with other universities in the West Midlands.

The project initially used the services of DJR Marketing Solutions to conduct a telemarketing campaign for the project, aimed at generating sales leads. The services provided by Daniel and his team have been so successful that we have used their services on a number of occasions for this project as the process was very straightforward and successful.

DJR Marketing Solutions is a professional organisation who will deliver results in a timely manner, and Daniel’s team are very approachable and friendly. The team fully understood the requirements and the team here at the University are happy to endorse DJR Marketing Solutions.”

“We are a business network that promotes collaborative working among businesses that provide products or services within the environmental technologies sector in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin.

Following a procurement exercise, we selected DJR Marketing from a range of suppliers to promote their conference and have procured the company on further occasions to promote joint events with a range of partners.

DJR Marketing rose to this challenge and reacted very quickly to our requirements. They juggled multiple scripts and data, whilst providing the results back to us daily. DJR Marketing kept in daily contact with us, so all parties knew how the campaigns were progressing.

This work had a huge impact on us hitting targets and also allowed us to concentrate on other parts of the programme.

We would have no hesitation in recommending DJR Marketing.”