Are you guilty of not speaking to some of your clients for a while? All too often business concentrate their marketing efforts on identifying new business opportunities, whilst ignoring their existing clients. We’ve experienced how this feels, and it’s easier and cheaper to focus on your existing client base, rather than looking for new business openings.

At DJR Marketing we recognise the value of existing clients – that’s why we have developed Customer Satisfaction Surveys, which specifically focus on keeping in touch with current consumers. If your objective is to provide an excellent service to your clients, you need to know if that’s what they’ve experienced – so why not ask them? Often, using a third party to ask these sorts of questions can result in more open feedback from your clients.

The DJR Marketing team works closely with you to create a set of questions – aiming to uncover your client’s perceptions about the different aspects of your service and delivery. The results can be useful in improving your business, and often the very fact that you’ve kept in contact with them could lead to more sales.