DJR Marketing Solutions Joins the Stoptober Campaign

1:07 pm

DJR Marketing Solutions Joins the Stoptober Campaign

Stoptober is a campaign implemented by the NHS to encourage people to stop smoking. Throughout the years people have modified this and engaged by giving up bad habits and introducing good habits. Here at DJR Marketing Solutions, all staff are getting into the spirit of Stoptober. We have all chosen our vices and decided to give them up for the entire month to support the Stoptober campaign.

Staff are incorporating healthy habits into their daily lives, such as;
• Joining the DJR lunchtime walking club
• Undertaking some form of personal exercise
• Fulfilling their five a day

Some staff have given up the following vices;
• Smoking
• Drinking alcohol and coffee
• Eating cakes, crisps and chocolate
• Unnecessary spending

We have a motivational board put up where all staff sign on each successful day of their challenge. We encourage and praise staff if they have successfully completed their day’s challenge. We also have “confession time” for staff that have broken their Stoptober challenge, so far no “confessions” made.

Stoptober has proven to be highly effective as staff are gradually finding it easier to slip into their new targets. We recommend other companies to incorporate this into their workplaces as it is a fun and motivational approach in introducing positive habits.


Daniel Reilly
Managing Director
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