Lead Generation

DJR Marketing is a proven B2B lead generation company based in the UK that GUARANTEES leads and appointments.

  • Are you looking to increase lead generation and quotation opportunities?
  • Do you need a reliable appointment setting service?
  • Could your organisation benefit from database cleansing?

DJR Marketing is a proven business-to-business lead generation company based in the UK that guarantees leads and appointments. If your organisation is in need of a reliable lead generation, we can help.

We provide a cost-effective lead generation service, alongside opportunities for quotations, tailored to the needs of your sales teams. We guarantee that every lead we generate for you is of the highest standards through our unique “cooling off” period, designed to reassure clients that the leads we have generated are genuine.

This enables your sales team to focus on closing deals, rather than spending valuable time trying to bypass receptionists and personal assistants.


DJR Marketing provides a guaranteed business-to-business appointment setting service that will keep your sales team busy! Is your sales team asking themselves any of these questions?

  • How do I generate more leads?
  • How can I speak to senior decision makers?
  • Where can I get decision maker data from?
  • How can I improve my sales pipeline?

If so, DJR Marketing can help you solve these common, albeit frustrating challenges. We are a proven lead generation agency that helps put clients in front of senior decision makers for their target markets.Our business-to-business appointment setting service is cost-effective, and unlike many other telemarketing agencies, we guarantee to generate leads on your behalf. This enables your sales team to focus on closing deals and generating revenue rather than spending valuable time trying to bypass gatekeepers.


Market research is a highly effective way of understanding the current and future needs of your market place. As one of the UK’s leading telephone market research companies, we can help your organisation in the following areas:

  • Identifying potential overseas markets and sectors.
  • Gauging reactions to new products, services or launches.
  • Identifying supply and demand needs.
  • Increasing current marketing intelligence.
  • Developing market penetration strategies, especially in new or high-growth markets.
  • Creating business development plans
  • Identifying why potential customers work with your competitors


Are you guilty of not speaking to some of your clients for a while? All too often business concentrate their marketing efforts on identifying new business opportunities, whilst ignoring their existing clients. We’ve experienced how this feels, and it’s easier and cheaper to focus on your existing client base, rather than looking for new business openings.

At DJR Marketing we recognise the value of existing clients – that’s why we have developed Customer Satisfaction Surveys, which specifically focus on keeping in touch with current consumers. If your objective is to provide an excellent service to your clients, you need to know if that’s what they’ve experienced – so why not ask them? Often, using a third party to ask these sorts of questions can result in more open feedback from your clients.

The DJR Marketing team works closely with you to create a set of questions – aiming to uncover your client’s perceptions about the different aspects of your service and delivery. The results can be useful in improving your business, and often the very fact that you’ve kept in contact with them could lead to more sales.


A clean, well maintained database can mean the difference between a sparse sales pipeline and a full one.

Having the most relevant organisations and decision-makers in your database increases your chances of generating leads and ultimately sales. You may not have any data yet and may be looking to contact decision-makers in your target markets.

We can provide you with fully opted-in and up-to-date data for your direct marketing campaigns. If you already have a database we can help you by updating it – especially as companies merge, relocate or key decision makers move on.

Whether you need to purchase business-to-business data or need to cleanse an existing database – we can help. We supply business-to-business data with the following information:

  • Direct dial telephone numbers
  • Full postal address and relevant contact/decision maker names
  • Specific market sector and nature of the business
  • Email address
  • Number of employees

We also offer a thorough data cleansing service to ensure your database is as targeted and up-to-date as possible. There are many reasons for cleansing your data on a regular basis so you can keep up to date with:

  • Company relocations
  • Companies no longer trading
  • Decision maker changes – people moving on or coming into the organisation
  • Correct contact details such as telephone and email address
  • Company accreditations
  • VAT numbers
  • Company registration numbers

And if you haven’t got some of the information above, or other information you require that isn’t listed above, we can collate it for you with our direct telemarketing service.

If your database hasn’t been cleansed for months, or even years, you could be wasting a lot of time and money on phone calls, email and direct mail.

We can cleanse your database for you whilst you focus on more important tasks. We will then return it to you fully cleansed so you can start targeting your audience productively again.


Targeting overseas markets is a great way to grow your business, and can complement your activity in the United Kingdom, but it can be a daunting prospect if you’ve never done it before. And if you’re already selling overseas how do you grow your market share?

As a leading international lead generation company we can help you grow your presence abroad.

Are you asking yourself any of the following questions?

  • How can I generate leads overseas?
  • Where can I get overseas business data?
  • How can I identify and build relationships with decision-makers?
  • How can I market my business abroad?

DJR Marketing can help you to generate leads and identify decision-makers in any English-speaking country. We achieve this by meticulously planning your telemarketing campaign to ensure we are targeting the most relevant decision-makers and can generate qualified leads as a result.

Our international lead generation campaigns are designed for all types of organisations – from start-ups to corporate businesses with sectors including education, finance, IT solutions, insurance and manufacturing.

The DJR Marketing International Offer is simple:

  • Real Contacts – We build a database of key decision makers and their contact details specifically for your identified markets
  • Approved, flexible scripts – Working closely with clients, we spend time understanding your products and services, along with the culture of your organisation so that we can proactively sell the benefits and speak with your brand voice.
  • Cultural Understanding – We are accommodating and sensitive to the needs of overseas clients, and we take the time to understand the requirements of different international business cultures and geographic areas.
  • Quality Sales Leads – Our focus is on creating genuine, targeted sales leads which includes our unique “cooling off period” to qualify all enquiries into your company.
  • Clear Reporting – We also produce reports so you know who we’ve spoken to, and the exact outcome of every client – right when you require them.

Our work to bring you overseas leads includes supporting UK companies as they expand into other English-speaking countries, as well as helping international companies prosper here in the UK. When required we work around the clock to meet the differing needs of international time zones.

Below we have included case studies of clients that we recently helped move into new international markets.


Ever wondered why you don’t get repeat business from certain clients? Have you ever asked those clients why?

Businesses often focus their marketing efforts on generating new sales leads to the detriment of existing, and often profitable, client relationships.

At DJR Marketing we can help you maintain relationships with existing or dormant clients. We approach clients with courtesy and identify why they are no longer purchasing from you. The results are often surprising but always valuable for future marketing activities.

Our business-to-business telemarketing team can re-establish contact and relationships with your existing clients, by:

  • Identifying why your clients no longer purchase from you.
  • Assessing customer satisfaction levels.
  • Identifying where products and services can be improved.
  • Improving understanding of your target markets
  • Gathering intelligence on competitors

Our telephone research can help you to re-establish relationships with clients, leading to potential sales and revenue opportunities.

vision-The strategic marketing pr0gramme

Through the use of VISION The Strategic Marketing Programme, DJR Marketing works with companies to assess and implement marketing strategies. Working closely with your key decision makers, DJR Marketing can provide a clear VISION for the promotion of your company and set guidelines for the marketing activities required to achieve this VISION.

DJR Marketing offer a Free Marketing Review for your company which consists of 4 VISION modules. The Free Marketing Review entails:

1. Current Marketing Activity Review

The first section of VISION is to collate & analyse your current marketing activities so you can assess each marketing activities performance. Many companies do not assess the success of each marketing activity. marketing is about generating awareness which will turn into leads & appointments which covert into paying clients.

Once your current marketing activity  has been assessed, the next step is to review any existing marketing collateral. This will help us get a feel for your business, products and / or services, for example:

= brochures
= current advertising material including website

Not only does this allow you to understand yourself better, but it's an opportunity to review your existing marketing collateral to see if you're painting a consistent picture to attract your perfect clients. 

2. Existing Leads Analysis
Knowing where leads have been generated is vitally important, especially if you haven't yet identified or analysed where and how potential new customers find out about you. Once you have analysed this, you will then be able to make informed decisions where to market in the most cost effective and successful way.

3. Competitor Website Analysis

Today, websites are the primary marketing tool for most companies, with their function to either:

= Generate new sales leads / enquiries
= Act as a marketing brochure for prospective clients

Potential clients might have found your company through other forms or marketing, but be certain, at some stage of their buying decision making process, they will visit your website and probably your competitors before they make a final decision to purchase. Within this section, we will assess your website and compare it to your main competitors.

4. Target Market Review 

One of the most critical decisions is defining your target market. What does your perfect client look like? Where would they be based, how many employees, etc. Once you have found your perfect client, how many more companies fit this criteria for you to target?

If you would like to take advantage of the Free Marketing Review, please call 01902 716869.


Businesses are now recognising Digital Marketing and adding it to their marketing mix. We deliver digital marketing solutions to help you achieve your business’ goals. We will understand your business and create a bespoke digital strategy to supplement the marketing you do.

By working with our Digital Marketing Consultancy Team, we can help you spread awareness by providing quality content and insights to your business and industry as a whole.

DJR Marketing can offer services in the following areas:

  • Regular social network updates on a wide range of platforms; including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.
  • Data cleansing for email flyers and newsletters.
  • High-quality PDFs for your clients and prospects.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Insightful reports on your campaigns.