A clean, well maintained database can mean the difference between a sparse sales pipeline and a full one.

Having the most relevant organisations and decision-makers in your database increases your chances of generating leads and ultimately sales. You may not have any data yet and may be looking to contact decision-makers in your target markets,

We can provide you with fully opted-in and up-to-date data for your direct marketing campaigns. If you already have a database we can help you by updating it – especially as companies merge, relocate or key decision makers move on.

Whether you need to purchase business-to-business data or need to cleanse an existing database – we can help. We supply business-to-business data with the following information:

  • Direct dial telephone numbers
  • Full postal address and relevant contact/decision maker names
  • Specific market sector and nature of the business
  • Email address
  • Number of employees

We also offer a thorough data cleansing service to ensure your database is as targeted and up-to-date as possible. There are many reasons for cleansing your data on a regular basis so you can keep up to date with:

  • Company relocations
  • Companies no longer trading
  • Decision maker changes – people moving on or coming into the organisation.
  • Correct contact details such as telephone and email address
  • Company accreditations
  • VAT numbers
  • Company registration numbers

And if you haven’t got some of the information above, or other information you require that isn’t listed above, we can collate it for you with our direct telemarketing service.

If your database hasn’t been cleansed for months, or even years, you could be wasting a lot of time and money on phone calls, email and direct mail.

We can cleanse your database for you whilst you focus on more important tasks. We will then return it to you fully cleansed so you can start targeting your audience productively again.