Ever wondered why you don’t get repeat business from certain clients? Have you ever asked those clients why?

Businesses often focus their marketing efforts on generating new sales leads to the detriment of existing, and often profitable, client relationships.

At DJR Marketing we can help you maintain relationships with existing or dormant clients. We approach clients with courtesy and identify why they are no longer purchasing from you. The results are often surprising but always valuable for future marketing activities.

Our business-to-business telemarketing team can re-establish contact and relationships with your existing clients, by:

  • Identifying why your clients no longer purchase from you.
  • Assessing customer satisfaction levels.
  • Identifying where products and services can be improved.
  • Improving understanding of your target markets
  • Gathering intelligence on competitors

Our telephone research can help you to re-establish relationships with clients, leading to potential sales and revenue opportunities.