DJR Marketing helps companies design and implement sales and marketing strategies.
Working closely with your key decision makers, DJR Marketing can provide a clear vision for the promotion of your company and set guidelines for the marketing activities required to achieve this vision.

Our strategies aims to explain how your business should engage with its existing and prospective clients, react to its competitors, and maintain its position in the market.

SWOT Analysis:

A SWOT analysis is a core tool used to identify a company’s strengths and weaknesses as these can affect the overall marketing strategy. The aim is to maximise the strengths and reduce the weaknesses, take advantage of opportunities and eliminate threats.

PEST Analysis:

A PEST analysis considers the external environment in which an organisation operates. It naturally follows the SWOT analysis. Our review of PEST factors identifies the position, potential and direction of a business other than those identified during the SWOT analysis.

Competitor Review:

DJR Marketing will ascertain who your competitors are, and what are they up to. How much do they charge, what is the overall market trend, and how are you holding up in terms of market share and profit position? How do you really rank against competitors? What substitutes are there to your products, and how much of a threat are they to your business?

Services Review:

DJR Marketing will review of your services using the Boston Matrix, providing a clear analysis of your service mix. It identifies services that should be removed from the mix as they are not generating income; those that should be retained for now; those that consume resources for little return but might generate more income longer term, and those that generate high amounts of income and should be retained.

Target Market Review:

DJR Marketing will review your existing sectors.  Are you operating in the most profitable sectors for your business?

Marketing Materials Review:

DJR Marketing will review your existing marketing collateral and offer advice where improvements could be made, and discover if you are getting your USP’s and key messages across to your clients effectively.

Activity Plan:

DJR Marketing can provide you with a detailed marketing activity plan, covering the activities that need to be undertaken in order to move forward. The structured plan will identify key deliverables/actions to individuals within a detailed weekly timeframe.